Final Fantasy 15: How to Unlock the Secret Dungeon

Final Fantasy 15: How to Unlock the Secret Dungeon

Final Fantasy 15 hides plenty of secrets, but one hidden dungeon gives players an experience unlike anything else in the game, and here’s how to find it.

Most of the dungeons players will encounter in Final Fantasy 15 are pretty straightforward. Find the dungeon entrance through some light exploring or through quests, fight one’s way to the end, take down a boss, and claim a prize. However, there is a hidden dungeon in Final Fantasy 15 that breaks conventions and offers a completely different kind of challenge.

What exactly makes this particular dungeon so different? It’s completely devoid of enemies, for one. There is also no Royal Tomb, no boss fight, and the protagonist Noctis will have to go at it solo. The Pitioss Ruins is a platforming dungeon filled with puzzles and pitfalls. It will test a players skills as much as it will test their patience.


If the idea of platforming in a non-platforming game is already anxiety inducing for some fans, then perhaps they’re not ready for the Pitioss Ruins. But then they’d be missing out on one of the best, most satisfying experiences in the game. Sure, frustration is inevitable, but the sense of accomplishment felt by navigating to the end of this treacherous trail is priceless. It doesn’t merely exist to infuriate players. It is smartly designed and incredibly rewarding. There are treasures littering the entire length of the dungeon and the goodies found near the end are some of the best in the game.

The Pitioss Ruins offer a lot to those who would dare enter its depths, but expect to put a good amount of time into completing it. Many players are claiming to have finished in around five hours. Of course, if none of this pre-dungeon exploring primer has deterred anyone from wanting to take on this difficult dungeon, then read on, brave adventurers.

How to Prepare

The Pitioss Ruins cannot be accessed by traditional means. In fact, there is no way to get to it at all until the game has been completed. So, the first step is to finish the main story campaign.

Once the credits have rolled, it is time to jump back in. The end game content is officially unlocked. The first stop should be to see Cindy, who offers to give the car an upgrade to the Regalia Type-F, which is the game’s airship. This is the crucial component needed to reach the secret dungeon. Players will have to gather some items to fulfill her requirements, but once those tasks are done, Cindy will finish the upgrade and fans ought to be soaring the skies of Eos in no time.

While flying around in the Regalia sounds fun, it comes with some of the most frustrating controls of anything in recent memory. It is hard to steer, it can only land on roads, and if players don’t get the oddly flight simulator-esque controls down, be prepared to crash and die. Game over. Fun, right? At least this mode allows for unlimited fuel.

Getting There

final-fantasy-15-landing-strip-pitioss-ruins square enix

Once the Regalia has its wings, head far east, near the Rock of Ravatogh. There will be a small, yellow line on the map. This is your landing strip.

It will be difficult and will take time, but after sticking the landing it’s mostly smooth sailing from here to the entrance of the dungeon. Follow the paths forward, encountering some decently strong enemies along the way. Eventually, players will come across an unassuming structure that belies its deep secrets. It is located right around here:

final-fantasy-15-pitioss-ruins-location square enix

Upon reaching the Pitioss Ruins, wait until nightfall. The entrance begins with a single jump that separates players from the rest of their party and sets the tone for the dungeon. It will be a long, lonesome journey, but the rewards are great. When one’s ready, take a deep breath and ride the elevator down.

While the dungeon will be difficult, Noctis can’t die and any deadly mistake will simply return players to the previous checkpoint. So don’t expect to be punished too severely for mistakes, but expect a lot of them.

By the time Noctis leaves the Pitioss Ruins, his bags will be brimming with treasures and players will be able to claim some well-earned bragging rights. One of the best items is the “Black Hood’, which is an accessory only Noctis can equip and it allows him to automatically dodge incoming attacks.


Some might need a break after tackling this arduous secret dungeon, but if this is merely an appetizer to the end game buffet, then use what has been gained from this ordeal to take on the many other challenges that await in Final Fantasy 15.

If experience is needed, hunting down and farming the illusive Cactuar could prove beneficial. If finances are the biggest issue, then perhaps our money making guide could help you earn a little extra Gil.

There is a lot to see and do in Final Fantasy 15, and Square Enix is already planning plenty of interesting DLC to keep players occupied. The Pitioss Ruins is one of the highlights of Final Fantasy 15, and here’s hoping we will get some additional alternative style dungeons added to the game in the future.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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